Future of Arts & Culture

Future of Arts & Culture

Drivers and Impacts for the Next Decade







A study based on 300 participants, leaders in museums, galleries, performing arts, music, funding organizations, curators and producers, from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa.


What is the future of arts and culture?

Future of Arts and Culture is a qualitative probe into the future of arts and culture globally.

It examines emerging forces, drivers of change and the possible impacts that may reshape the cultural sector in the coming decade. The project was created as a collaboration among futurists, sector experts and stakeholders.


Three major narratives
    Through the research and sensemaking process, three major narratives took shape:
  • arts and culture is increasingly profit-driven, commercially measured, and focused on experiences
  • arts and culture take a more active role in supporting social innovation, inclusion and diversity.
  • arts and culture shifts to many independent digital platforms.
A future of smart adaptation

The overarching theme was one of pragmatism and openness to “rigorous, smart adaptation,” finding ways to walk a line between embracing new ways of working, creating and sharing through innovation, while taking a front-stage role in expanding diversity and social connectedness.

The metaverse

Audiences will continue to move online, regardless of the short-term fluctuations of COVID. “The Metaverse” is coming, but it must be inclusive and not just open to those with the best technology, networks, and investment.

New models

There is a recognition that historic models of funding and support are not suitable for the future, and that new models are possible, and already emerging. These include new ownership models, new economic tools, and even taxation models.

Rethinking "publics"

Arts and culture need to rethink its conception of “publics” as well as its role as a public good that can actively seed new futures.

Ranking of Root Issues by Frequency of First Selection

Visual representation of the root issues highlighted by the frequency with which they were selected first by respondents.

Future of Arts & Culture

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