Future of Arts & Culture


About the Scenarios

Scenarios as an exploratory form emerged from collaboration between science and art—specifically between strategic research, filmmaking and storytelling. These scenarios are true to that approach, expressing a collection of related data through familiar, human-scale stories.

Those presented here are not meant to be forecasts as much as provocations that interweave the collective opinions and insights of the global participant group. They are possible futures as collectively voiced by contributors, and the narratives that follow connect the dots of data in narrative forms that can be more easily explored.

They are also not mutually exclusive futures; any given organisation, large or small, global or local, may be confronting aspects of each of these scenarios on different timescales.

and Small Stages
Profitability overtakes cultural impact
Global Network
of Communities
Smaller, diverse institutions come together
and Multiverses
Digital commerce drivers culture

Questions for arts and culture
organisations to consider


Are these types of scenarios or their underlying drivers emerging in our communities, and if so, how are we responding?


What risks or opportunities emerge from these scenarios for us?


What new talent, tools, skills, networks, or resources do we need to face them?


How might broader or more narrow audiences impact how we support our communities?


How might radical shifts in funding levels and sources change what we do and how we do it?


Visualise a thorough exploration of key drivers and their impact on the future, ordered by perceived importance and impact.


Future of Arts & Culture

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