Future of Arts & Culture

Main Driver Categories

Three key groups of drivers emerged from over 500 inputs.

Business models and ecosystems

  • Commercial pressures and impact measures
  • Uncertain environment (recognition of climate, COVID-19, other X factors)

Changing creators audiences and values

  • New tastes, tools, interests and habits
  • New forms of creation and expertise develop

Social and climate issues

  • Equity, diversity and representation
  • Move beyond Western canon of art and culture

Climate Change as a Universal Driver

One driver of change explored in this project sits above all others, based on the views of contributors—climate change. Unique among the many factors explored, it is the one issue that will touch almost all aspects—social demands, economic capacity, technological innovation, political agendas and public values.

Economic and social dimensions of climate change are seen as driving more attention toward sustainable business models and new channels, and greater attention to societal awareness, costs, and impacts.

Key Drivers and Impact

Exploration of key drivers and possible impacts that may reshape the cultural sector

Social value and wellness
Value of art & culture
"Impact" as investment lens
Museums become more entrepreneurial
Equity and inclusivity
New generation of creators
Changing audiences
Decreased value of art and culture
Diversification from Western Canon
New definitions of expertise
Attracting diverse audiences
Hybrid event models
New modes of consumption

01. Social value and wellness

This represents a shift away from art as entertainment toward art and culture as impact medium. Climate casts a long shadow as a creative subject and object of awareness and action.

Future of Arts & Culture

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